I am the owner of 4Less.co.uk and wish to offer the domain name for sale.

This is a genuine offer of sale for a domain name that has served me well for many years.
The domain name is now surplus to my requirements, so I am looking for offers from genuinely interested parties.

My businesses are no longer trading in this sector and have ceased using this domain name for any e-commerce website.
I do also have a number of other domain names for sale, including ones that are related to this type of product or area of interest.

I feel that this domain name has great potential for a business involved in the automotive sector that is looking for branding that will be attractive on the internet.
4LESS is a very catchy phrase that rolls easily off the tongue and is quite memorable.
4LESS could be applicable to any business involved in almost any conceivable use in any market that involves e-commerce or websites or internet apps.
4LESS will be very noticeable to prospective customers in Search Engine Results.
With 4LESS the combination of the words 4 (Four being a good homonym for For) and LESS make it very attractive to Search Engine Algorithms for ranking highly in results.
Your customers will be attracted to the prospect of getting your products and services FOR LESS!

If you do have a genuine interest to buy and own this Premium Domain Name please contact me for further details.
My credentials can be found below. Please use the email address below to contact me in the first instance.

this Premium Domain Name is For Sale - your website here as 4Less.co.uk
Please note my credentials with regard to ownership and selling of this domain name.
The WHOIS LOOKUP for the domain, at Nominet the .uk Domain Registry, is:
WHOIS LOOKUP for domain 4Less.co.uk

As well as owning the domain I am a Nominet member (Filter the list on Ken Taylor):
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Myself or my businesses have been Domain Registrars (TAGHOLDERS) for Nominet for almost 20 years and I would fully handle transfer of ownership of the domain myself, if a bid is accepted.
Filter the list on COMMPLEX or Ken Taylor:
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In the first instance please make contact via email.

Please give some brief details about yourself or your business,
so that I can assess the validity and merits of the enquiry:

Send Contact email to: domain@4Less.co.uk